Driving Lessons

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At Guess Driving School, we offer adequate classroom instruction for your driving needs. We want each of our students to gain proper understanding of how to react on the roads when faced with the need to make those split second decisions. This is especially important for first time drivers and those that may have found themselves faced with multiple driving infractions in recent years.

Classroom Instruction

All classroom instruction courses are taught by professional teachers that are state certified. These professionals are often educational instructors within our community that remain dedicated to the health and well-being of our citizens even on their own time. Our company has made it our mission to do our part to keep our friends and neighbors safe when operating a vehicle on the busy roadways today.

Approved Curriculum

Materials used in our classrooms are approved through the State of New Jersey to provide you with the most current knowledge of laws and roadway etiquette available. You will learn how to prepare for the unexpected and stay safe along the way. For those that need it, additional instruction time will be available through these courses to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when heading out on the road.

Need the best driving lessons? We've got you covered!

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